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Augusta School of Real Estate Requirements

School Approval: Notice is given that Augusta School of Real Estate is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission to offer in-class Pre-License Real Estate Courses as well as independent study courses for salespersons. This approval is until December 31, 2026.

Prohibition Against Recruiting: No recruiting for employment opportunities for any real estate brokerage firm is allowed in the class or on school premises. Report promptly any effort to recruit on behalf of a brokerage firm by anyone including a fellow student to Tommy Stephenson (706-364-7653) or the Georgia Real Estate Commission, (404)656-3916.

Entrance Standards: Students who meet education and/or licensing standards and have proper tuition funds will be enrolled by Augusta School of Real Estate regardless of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, family status, or disability. *Georgia Real Estate Licensure may prohibit extending licensing to persons with felony criminal records. Please contact the Georgia Real Estate Commission directly if you find yourself in question.

Instructors: All instructors of Augusta School of Real Estate are approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. Tommy Stephenson, Vicki Stephenson, and Beth Williamson are each instructors for our school. *Other approved instructors may be used at the schools discretion.

Grading: Salespersons Pre-License students must achieve a passing score of at least 75% correct on final examination to be certified as having successfully completed the course. Students failing the first examination are given the opportunity to take a second exam. A failure on this exam will require the student to repeat all in-class instructions.

Course Attendance: The student must be on time and present for all in-class hours in order to receive credit for the course. Students enrolled in pre-license can have two absences, provided all homework assignments are completed and have at least 75 hours in-class for sales.

Certification: Salesperson pre-license students who satisfactorily complete the course and receive a passing score on the final examination will be electronically registered with the state approved testing service, PSI Testing Centers. You will need to wait 72 hours before contacting them to schedule your state license examination if you do not receive email correspondence prior. Continuing education students, upon satisfactory completion of a course will be registered online with the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

Refunds: Tuition is payable in full when students register for class. If registered for the waitlist when a class is already full, payment will only be required if a seat opens and the waitlisted student accepts to enroll in the course. Materials will be distributed the first night of class. We DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS once registered and paid.

Make-Up Policy: Under extenuating circumstances, the school director may elect to offer a special make-up session for the student. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. In any event, the make-up must be completed within 90 days of the last class.

Note: The school reserves the right to postpone any class with fewer than 10 qualified students. Affected students will be notified of alternate class time.

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